Plankton Invasion

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There are billions of them and they need more space - meaning more water. Plankton, tiny marine creatures with a gigantic Napoleon complex, are planning to conquer the earth. Three plankton specimen are sent ashore to fight for their species' supremacy, by all means possible – except that they're not very smart, not very well informed, not very organized, and most of all, …not very big. Their mission: to warm up the planet, melt the polar ice, drown all land and… rule the world. Quite a challenge, from a 'planktonic' perspective.


Genre: Animated series for children and adults (3D)
Produced by: Teamto (France)
Co-produced by: Vivi Film
Directed by: Joeri Christiaen
Screenplay by: Fred Engel Lenoir & Joeri Christiaen
Running time: 78 x 7 minutes





Release in 2011 (Kzoom)

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